SKF Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings

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SKF cylindrical roller thrust bearings are designed to accommodate heavy axial loads and impact loads. They must not be subjected to any radial load. The bearings are very stiff and require little axial space.


A cylindrical roller thrust bearing is a particular type of roller bearing. Like other roller bearings, they permit rotation between parts, but they are designed to support a high axial load while doing this (parallel to the shaft). Higher speed applications require oil lubrication. Generally, they are composed of two washers (raceways) and the cylindrical roller elements which are typically caged. As opposed to roller thrust bearings, ball thrust bearings can generally operate at higher speeds but at lower loads.


SKF BFSB 353320/HA4 Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings

SCOU208-24 184 mm
8 Nm PH208N-

SKF BFSB 353312/HA1 Needle Roller and Cage Thrust Assemblies

Quote Bearing Steel
Cast Iron SH33M

SKF BFSB 353210 Custom Bearing Assemblies

5/16-24UNF -40 °C
0.76 kg 18.3 mm

SKF BFSB 353901/HA4 Screw-down Bearings

52100 Steel 3
Inch 8 Days

SKF 351573 Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings

4.55 kN 8 mm
-25 °C No

SKF BFSB 353247 Thrust Bearings

32.8 kN 52.5 kN
65.1 mm 74.4 mm

SKF BFSB 353285/HA4 Needle Roller and Cage Thrust Assemblies

20 mm 3.52 Hz
0.36 kN 12.4

SKF BFS 8000/HA1 Custom Bearing Assemblies

56 12
DD (Contact Rubber S Black Oxide Coating

SKF 350998 Screw-down Bearings

No No
No Grade 0

SKF 353164 Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings

64 mm 32 mm
102 mm 25.4 mm

SKF BFSB 353205 Thrust Bearings

[Steel] Steel 64
Single T-Shaped